Wealth Ambition Marketing is a Canadian company that provides web design, web copywriting, lead generation creation, autoresponder set-up, integration and authoring.

We also provide custom Search Engine Optimization and managed paid advertising (Facebook and Adwords) for local businesses.

We also create our own informational products and can help you to market effectively in your online business.

We are marketers with a very unique perspective.

If you are interested in using our services, feel free to request a quote by calling our sales team at 203-400-6515

Watch me speak from stage in Las Vegas about Facebook marketing:



Andrew Murray

CEO and co-founder

We also process credit card order through this domain.  If you are buying a product from us, you may be re-directed to a page on this domain.

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    Hi Folks:

    This past weekend, I forwarded an application to join your 60-day online training sessions. The programs sounds like a good fit for me.

    I also expressed interest in joining your Infinii Team.

    I’ve not received an acknowledgement and wondering what my status is.

    Many Thanks,


    I did review several of your videos including your Empower Network sales pitch yesterday morning .

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